braceletAs promised, I’m back with a review of the bracelet I received free from L. Michaels Jewelry. (Full disclosure – they sent it to me for free. I got to choose the style I wanted to try. I didn’t pay for it. But I’m going to review as though I did.) The package came last week (I was sent the one to your left here, which retails for $56.88) and I’ve been wearing it rather faithfully to test the theory that its magnetic properties are somehow healing.

The bracelet that came was huge! It took me a little time to figure out that it’s also self-adjustable – magnets. No string, no chain – just magnets. While the brochure didn’t say it, I still felt a little dumb for not figuring it out sooner. What’s neat is the additional links were enough to make a ring from, so I have that option, as well. In fact, the adjustability allows you design options. Each piece can be removed.

So to the wearing. This wears well. It scratches easily, which is not good for someone like me who is rough on anything on my wrist. The brochure explains the cleaning procedure – a good buff with high-gloss car polish (think NuFinish). I’ve not tried it, but I imagine with all the crevices, that’s going to be a tedious process.

I had one painful mishap with the bracelet. As I was toting a laptop in one arm and a handbag in the other, I felt something like a bee sting on the soft side of my wrist. Then I realized the pain was constant. The strong magnets had separated and reconnected and my skin was now between two magnets. Ouch.

But does it have healing properties? I put this on Friday around noon. I went back to work on the computer. I’m plagued with shoulder pain from my computer work and last week was particularly rough. However, two hours into wearing this, my shoulder felt fine. Was it the bracelet? Hard to say, but I didn’t have hip pain, either, and that’s been with me for a number of years (again, computer work). For me, that was enough to keep me wearing it. If I come to a definitive conclusion one way or the other later on, I’ll let you know.

One caution – if you work on a laptop, don’t wear it. The magnets are strong, as I mentioned. And magnets are cryptonite to hard drives, so there’s a good chance you could wipe out a hard drive if the magnets are anywhere near it for any length of time. In fact, anything electronic you’re using – cell phone, iPod, digital camera, USB drive – consider taking the bracelet off around it.

My conclusion – I love it. It’s a gorgeous, unique piece of jewelry that may at some point make me feel more energized. The company claims wearers could have to wait two weeks for the healing benefits to appear, so I’ll wait.  Would I pay $56.88 for it? Until I wore it, no. Now, I’m considering buying one for my dad (an arthritis sufferer) and another one for myself that I think is pretty. I don’t like that it scratches or that it tends to leave painful “love bites” without warning. It seems to require frequent cleaning, and it requires additional care when handling the magnets, as letting them slam closed onto each other could cause more damage. Not low-maintenance jewelry, but not too much to handle.

What do you think? Would you pay more for a piece of jewelry that could make you feel better?


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The Frugal Bandwagon

joan and david wedgesIt’s funny how quickly fashion magazines latched on to the idea of bargain-priced fashion when the economy tanked. One magazine I subscribe to touted “Everything in this issue under $100!” What left an impression on me was how the editors were both amazed by the cheaper fashion looking so good and the hard time they had searching for it. Please. Ladies, you need to get out of Manhattan once in a while, for your audience? We know how to do that every day.

Just last week I was wearing an outfit that cost, from shirt to shoes, under 90 bucks. That included a new slouchy handbag I’d found on sale at Macy’s for what I thought was $50, but turned out to be $30 at the checkout. Amen for sales.  The shirt was a turquoise safari-style belted button down I picked up at JCPenney last year for $14.99. Jeans – Levi’s 545 that cost $14.97 at the outlet stores (and the fit on these flatters everyone). The shoes were my latest eBay purchase, a gorgeous red printed wedge (Circa by Joan and David) I bought from my favorite eBay retailer, Shoe Metro. Those cost a whopping $24.90 with shipping.  And honestly, most of my wardrobe consists of pieces that cost less than $50 each.

What’s your favorite bargain outfit?

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Feel-good Fashion

lmichaels braceletIf you look good, you feel good. It’s why fashion has made such an impact on our society and our lives. And thanks to one company, feeling good is part of the business model.

L Michaels Jewelry’s bracelets, necklaces, and rings are stunning, especially the neodymium magnetic line, but the real function is the health benefits these little beauties provide. The site claims its magnetic jewelry can help with tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and energy levels.

And I’m going to be your guinea pig. The company offered yours truly a free sample to try. Since I’m a tired woman (LOL), I’m taking them up on it. I’ll report back on its healing properties later, but for now, suffice it to say the designs are sleek and sexy enough for me to buy them on looks alone. If they help me feel better, bonus.

Take a look over at What do you think?

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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes….

Tell me why I continue to buy shoes. I’ve bought one really cute, functional pair of heels and have bids on two more pairs on eBay that are just cute. I convince myself I need these. They’re essentials. Black and brown are essentials, right? No real way to explain away the purple pumps – oh wait, they’re good with jeans.

The draw – I love different styles and textures. I also love shoes because if they don’t fit and you go up a size, you’re not moping in a bag of Oreos as a result. There’s no size stigma with shoes. For that reason, I’m up to 40 pairs. I’ve promised the man, who’s tired of putting shoe racks together, that I’ll weed some out. It’ll be hard.  But when these show up, I’ll need to make room for them:


Note that they’re Naturalizer, which is a brand getting a bit more respect from me. Sure, they still have some mighty frumpy styles, but I know own three pairs that I think are quite stylish. I get lots of compliments on my black wedge sandals, which have a beautiful gold chain detail across the toe. That you can walk all day in these make them worth considering. That I paid a whopping $24.99 for the ones above make them a necessity. And they’re black, so they’re essential, right? 🙂

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When Your Outfit Becomes a Costume

We’ve all made the mistake of putting together that outfit that echoes a theme only to overdo the entire thing by sticking too much to the theme. Consider a pair of sailor pants paired with a striped top and, god forbid, accompanied by a sailor hat. A little too Cracker Jack or Popeye for me, thank you. But what about other trends? Suppose you have a gorgeous pair of 40s-inspired shoes? If you pair it with a great 40s-inspired dress, is that too much? Or is it the deep red lipstick that puts it over the top?

I saw a girl at the mall yesterday wearing a fabulous white a-line grecian dress with either a gold breastplate necklace or gold jeweled embellishments at the neck (she was walking by pretty quickly). She had on jeweled gladiator flat sandals and she was wearing multicolored bangles with a serpent bracelet. She looked amazing and not overdone. Why? Maybe it was her makeup, which was very summery and not too complicated. Maybe it was the fact that she mixed a modern clutch in with it, or the headscarf that wasn’t grecian at all. Perhaps it was just the cell phone she had to her ear. Whatever the reason, she was put together without looking costume-y. It went something like this:

Mixing in a few more modern, less thematic items often takes the edge off a retro outfit. And let’s face it – retro is definitely tricky to pull off well if we stick too closely to the theme. The sailor pants are great if you wear them with a fitted jacket. Or wear the sailor outfit with say a pair of stacked heels.

What do you do to mix things up?

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Fall Savings

If you’re like me, you want to make that fashion budget stretch. As a new season approaches, I’ve already started my search for some fall basics. I did manage to find some nice tops at Charlotte Russe for under $20 each. My favorite is this chiffon number, which I plan to pair with wide-leg jeans and red patent heels. I might even throw on a slate gray jacket, if I can find the one I want.

 What luck to come across the Heavenly Couture website! Here’s a bargain hunter’s paradise – nothing costs over $17.95.  A few standouts include this teal knot-front dress and this adorable jacket with Peter Pan collar. While their denim is excluded from the $17.95 or lower pricing, there are some nice shapes to choose from.

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Do You Polyvore?

Vicki over at Sole Shebang is both credited and blamed for my latest addiction – Polyvore.

It’s playing dress up without the Barbie. Visitors build sets of clothing and oh, the closet one has to choose from. Basically, it’s the Internet. Images are pulled from every direction of cyberspace and at your disposal. Imagine reaching into a closet with D&G shoes, Chanel bags, Marc Jacobs coats, and Diane von Furstenburg dresses…. it’s virtual heaven! Moreover, they provide handy code for you to pop your latest creation into your blog post…

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Oddness on the Edge of Town

My husband and I were out on Friday in our town looking for dessert. He had just bought me a gorgeous little Lily cotton dress for my birthday, so I had it on, and I was wearing my Naturalizer Prissy black heels. Nothing too ornate – no jewelry. We passed two women, neither of which I noticed particularly but I smiled because hey, that’s how I was raised. About five paces later, I hear one of the women shouting, “When I grow up I want to look JUST LIKE YOU!” in a condescending tone. Uh, excuse me?

Did I say anything to you? No. Did I sneer at you? Not unless you think a polite smile is a sneer. I was minding my own business – couldn’t you do the same? Why did this woman yell at me? Who knows? But if I were wearing shorts and a tank top, would she have noticed or felt the need to say anything? It was pretty obvious her comments had everything to do with how I was dressed.

I don’t get it. I don’t judge others on what they wear, nor would I EVER say anything that rude to someone, let alone shout it on the street. Live and let live, people. Just because I’m a shopaholic doesn’t mean I think the rest of the female population has to be. But this woman, this nasty, rude woman, found me threatening because of a nice birthday dress. To that, I say F*** you.

I’m sorry. I can’t be nice to someone making a snap judgment about me, and being so freakin’ rude about it. She has no idea I meditate, I house meditation monks on occasion, I donate cash to a poor school in Haiti, I teach a foreigner English on a volunteer basis, I’m a vegetarian and dammit, I’m nice. So what if I clean up well on occasion?

It’s the curse of female. We judge. We judge others on appearance no matter how they look. T-shirt and a pair of jeans? We think “She can’t even clean herself up.” Beautiful designer dress and nice makeup? We think “Who’s she trying to impress?”

Where the hell is our sisterhood, ladies? Why can’t we cheer each other on instead of holding each other to impossible standards? I can shop at Target, but the second I breathe the air inside Lord & Taylor, I’m no longer a good person? What the hell? I don’t put on airs – I don’t even know why I would want to. And if I did, what the hell is that to the rest of the world?

I’m asking this of you – today, one time or as many times as you can remember to, cheer another sister on. If you see a woman looking totally put together, tell her so. If you like someone’s shoes, say it out loud! If your friend marches in with a brand new Chanel purse slung over one shoulder, coo and show the appreciation you’d hope for if it were you carrying it. If you notice a woman doing something particularly well today, express your admiration. It’s time we as a gender start encouraging each other. We have enough to deal with already – demands of a job, of motherhood, of relationships. Let’s become each other’s support system, even on a small level.

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Red is the New Black

I love patent-leather, especially if it’s red. So when I saw these kitten heeled sandals at Target, I couldn’t resist.

      They’re just $17.99 and so comfortable to walk in! I’ve paired them with a black dress and a pair of white jeans so far.

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