Handbags and Shoes: Can You Really Have Too Many?

For the most part I’ve slowed down in my shoe shopping, picking up only one pair of shoes this month – these Steve Madden Tipie flats. I’ve been craving a pair of zebra-print flats that are, well, understated (if that’s possible with an animal print). The little bit of patent on the toe breaks it up enough for me to love them. The price – just $19.99 on eBay – was the selling point.

However, I have renewed my search for handbags. I’m not interested in black or brown (unless they’re completely unique), so I was thrilled to find a sale at New York and Company where I picked up a red bowling bag:  and also this blue satchel: 

Both of them with shipping cost just under $60. Guess that leaves more cash for shoes!

I’ve been on the fence about the bowling bag style, but after seeing some fine examples in the stores, I couldn’t help myself. I’m a believer in keeping your bag size proportionate to your height and weight, so it was a little bit of a stretch for me to buy larger bags (I’m under 5 1/2 feet), but with heels, I’m good to go.

What are your most recent purchases?


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Range of Emotion

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to be tooling around eBay looking for handbags at the very same time Jenae Michelle was selling a few of her designs. I scored a gorgeous-yet-tough-as-nails doctor bag, made of army-green canvas material and inset with a pink-and-white linen print culled from vintage placemats. I’d say the bag was indestructible, but I managed to damage it (I’m very tough on my handbags), though it took me much longer to do so than usual. But I was enamored with this bag and frankly, no bag since that one has measured up. Its sensible opening (those doctor-bag hinges are like shark’s jaws!) and small size made it the perfect bag. I liked it so much I signed on as Jenae’s PR rep for a short time.

I visited her site today and I’m happy to report Jenae is still making incredible bags. Her styles are her own. Her materials are a complete surprise and a welcome one at that. She designs and sews each bag. No skimping on materials or creativity, either. When you have a Range of Emotion bag, you have a one-of-a-kind creation. One of my favorites from her new line is this one, aptly called Zebra Stripe Gun Control. 

You can find Jenae’s designs, or order your own custom-made design, at her Range of Emotion website.

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Love/Hate with the Outlets

We just had a new outlet mall open nearby. Correction – a new “premium” outlet mall. Let me explain the difference between the premium outlet and the average run-of-the-mill outlet: price. Sure, there are high-end designer stores occupying this outlet – Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, Prada, BCBG, etc. – but there are also higher-than-mall prices here. Case in point: the Michael Kors jacket I bought at TJ Maxx can be had at the outlet store for, get this, $50 more than I spent on it. No thanks.

Still, I love outlets because you can find things you wanted but missed in the stores. For instance, I picked up this straw handbag – a total spur-of-the-moment buy – at the Guess outlet store.

I paid too much. It was $50. On eBay, similar ones are going for $30. However, I got the color I wanted, which is a rosy pink, and it was the last rosy pink one in the store. I literally grabbed it off the mannequin.

In general, I look elsewhere for bargains. Outlets have not proven to me yet that they can save me money. But I’ll still look, hoping…


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New Season, New Handbag

I can’t believe my luck – after my marathon search for a fall handbag and finally scoring that purple patterned number from Baker’s, I stumbled upon my Spring handbag accidentally. There I was browsing the Nine West website (I can’t help it – I like shoes), when I came across this clutch. Talk about sleek! It’s a sturdy canvas-and-corn-husk construction, and it has ample room for cell phone, iPod, keys, lipstick and a small wallet. In fact, I like the entire Nine West site for shoes, clothing and accessories.

Nine West clutch

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Stylish Travel

If you’ve not found the Give Simple website yet, you’re seriously missing out. One of their best-selling items is this tote, which is large enough to act as a suitcase for weekends or longer. I bought one thinking it was handbag size. No way! But I quickly fell in love with it. It’s a vinyl bag with a strong zippered top and a sturdy bottom and handles.

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The Search for the Handbag

I had a good summer. There were plenty of handbags to choose from, and I alternated between hobos and satchels.

Then came fall. Thanks to the largest mall on the east coast being next door, I thought I’d have an easy time of it. HA! After two hours, I was ready to give up. I wanted a unique bag – not something you’d see anyone else carrying. It didn’t have to be a particular size, but it had to be different.

 Thank God for Baker’s Shoes! I walked in on a whim, figuring I’ll juimg_0365.jpgst buy shoes instead. There on the shelf was any number of great choices! I chose this one – and it cost me a whopping $31 with tax. It’s bigger than I usually carry, but on a recent vacation, I was able to pack a ton of electronics power cords and even a book for the flight.

Whaddya think?

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