Most Wonderful Time

There hasn’t been much room for fashion purchases this month, though I admit that most on my list are getting clothing. Naturally, the sales never coincide with my bank account, so I’ve been unable to buy even a pair of socks for myself. That’s a good thing, actually, for this is the time of giving, not hoarding for oneself. ūüôā

But oh, January! I love January. And it’s not because the spring clothing hits the racks mere seconds after the last ornament is taken down – no, that’s just a sign that our very favorite time of year is here. SALE TIME!!

See, those winter clothes, which in my neck of the woods are still very much in demand, are now pushed to the back of the stores on unkempt racks. Ladies, those racks are teeming with bargains. Some of my favorite sale racks – Banana Republic, United Color of Benetton, Gap, Target, TJ Maxx and even Lord & Taylor. Banana Republic for the upscale stuff you’d never buy thanks to the price tag, UCB for the same reason, Gap for basics, Target for their funky clothing (they’ve come a long way in the fashion world – check ’em out), TJ Maxx because hey, designer stuff on a dime, and Lord & Taylor, for where else can you score Michael Kors and other designer duds for around $30?

Another favorite – J Crew. They have a great online sale year-round, but winter is especially nice. I love their sweaters and I admit I don’t own a single one yet, but I’ve worn a pair of cargo capris from there to death. I think their image of relaxed Nantucket chic is also great for winter.

What are your favorites? Where do you score incredible deals?


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Project Runway is Back!

How thrilled are you that Project Runway has returned? The first show was full of promisning designs, and some completely off-the-wall stuff, as per usual. What’s exciting is that this year, they’ve teamed up with Blue Fly, which features its own version of the winning design on its site the next day. Very cool!

Who’s your pick for top designer this season?

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Spot the Bargain

Here’s a fun weblog – has a¬†regular test of your bargain-shopping prowess. Showing two similar items, your mission is to choose the higher-priced one. I was able to choose four out of five correctly. The beauty of the site is it links the photos to sites where you can buy the items.

How well did you do?

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Fashion for the Rest of Us

I’ll admit it – I’m a closet fashionista¬†(pun intended). I subscribe to Bazaar and Lucky and at one time, even Vogue. I love clothes. But I don’t have a Bazaar, Vogue or Lucky budget. I’ve never spent more than $50 on shoes. I’ve never paid $100 for any item beyond my wedding dress (which was Versace, by the way – a girl’s gotta know when to splurge!). And yet I have designer clothes up the wazzoo.

¬†See, I’m a bargain shopper. I’m the woman who bypasses the expensive racks in Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor and heads straight for the sale racks. I’m a frequent shopper at TJMaxx, despite having my CC number stolen there last year (luckily, it wasn’t used by anyone other than me, which was bad enough). I live for eBay shoes.¬†I will dig to the¬†bottom of any sale bin without shame. I get enough compliments on my wardrobe to spur me deeper into the bargain¬†bins.

That’s what this blog is about – looking fantastic on a bargain.¬† I will share with you my bargain finds, and the can’t-pass-up items. Let’s talk shoes. While we’re at it, let’s talk makeup and jeans and jackets and jewelry. If you put it on you or use it to look fabulous, it’s fair game!

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