The Frugal Bandwagon

joan and david wedgesIt’s funny how quickly fashion magazines latched on to the idea of bargain-priced fashion when the economy tanked. One magazine I subscribe to touted “Everything in this issue under $100!” What left an impression on me was how the editors were both amazed by the cheaper fashion looking so good and the hard time they had searching for it. Please. Ladies, you need to get out of Manhattan once in a while, for your audience? We know how to do that every day.

Just last week I was wearing an outfit that cost, from shirt to shoes, under 90 bucks. That included a new slouchy handbag I’d found on sale at Macy’s for what I thought was $50, but turned out to be $30 at the checkout. Amen for sales.  The shirt was a turquoise safari-style belted button down I picked up at JCPenney last year for $14.99. Jeans – Levi’s 545 that cost $14.97 at the outlet stores (and the fit on these flatters everyone). The shoes were my latest eBay purchase, a gorgeous red printed wedge (Circa by Joan and David) I bought from my favorite eBay retailer, Shoe Metro. Those cost a whopping $24.90 with shipping.  And honestly, most of my wardrobe consists of pieces that cost less than $50 each.

What’s your favorite bargain outfit?


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Feel-good Fashion

lmichaels braceletIf you look good, you feel good. It’s why fashion has made such an impact on our society and our lives. And thanks to one company, feeling good is part of the business model.

L Michaels Jewelry’s bracelets, necklaces, and rings are stunning, especially the neodymium magnetic line, but the real function is the health benefits these little beauties provide. The site claims its magnetic jewelry can help with tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and energy levels.

And I’m going to be your guinea pig. The company offered yours truly a free sample to try. Since I’m a tired woman (LOL), I’m taking them up on it. I’ll report back on its healing properties later, but for now, suffice it to say the designs are sleek and sexy enough for me to buy them on looks alone. If they help me feel better, bonus.

Take a look over at What do you think?

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