Thank God for H&M

The man looked at my shirt the other day and said, “Wow. You look really nice. That shirt makes you look thinner and leaner.”

I went out the next day and bought two more. Hey, we don’t ignore when the man notices, do we? The shirt in question is a gorgeous raspberry-colored bib-gathered top from H&M with a subtle tone-on-tone stripe, 3/4 sleeve and enough lycra to hug the curves just so. All of $24.50. I’d show you a photo, but for some reason the US-based H&M site has yet to come up with an online store – why is that? If I want to fake my way through their Norwegian site, I might find something remotely similar. Here’s a somewhat similar shirt from the Norwegian site, though mine is not that long and much, much more fitted. No flowers on mine, either:

Does anyone know why H&M continues to disappoint us online shoppers?


October 3, 2008. bargains, clothes.

One Comment

  1. Elaine B. replied:

    They rather you visit them at the mall-Here the H&M are a weird mix of the gap and emo clothes… Who is managing it here??

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