Which Designer Would You Cough Up Cash For?

Since most of my wardrobe has been procured through the cunning use of sales and eBay, it’s difficult for me to consider shelling out hard-earned cash for designer threads. However, one designer has me constantly considering making an exception. Dianne von Furstenberg, in my opinion, cannot be duplicated, mimicked, or knocked off. She mixes body-flattering style with impeccable tailoring and even more amazing design and fabric choices.

And the prices aren’t obscene, either. Where else could you get a fits-like-second-skin clothing that makes you look and feel more beautiful just for wearing it at mere hundreds? In a time when top designers are charging thousands for one frock, DVF has managed to keep beautiful clothing within reach. Here’s my personal favorite from her latest collection:



Who would you splurge on?


September 16, 2008. clothes.


  1. WeeZy replied:

    LV ALL DAY!!!!

  2. loridw replied:

    Fantastic choice, WeeZy!

  3. Gabriella Sidhu replied:

    Definitely Lisa Ho – Australian Designer – great quality and cuts!!

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