Can You Really Have Only One Style?

Recently, my girlfriend and I were browsing her latest find, Nothing to Wear by Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo. We both took the style quiz in the book, and we were both in disagreement about the results. According to the quiz, she was a Bohemian Chic and I was, as well. Yet our two styles in reality couldn’t be more different.

The book, by the way, looks fantastic from what I’ve read. The authors go through exercises in which the reader is to go through her closet with a discerning eye – not a closet emptying, but a “clarifying” experience. I’m all for that. But where things may be flawed is in how the reader is to look at herself with a critical eye and see the clothes as either working with or against her. To be frank, I don’t think many women are able to do that. We like the color or we like the way our legs/chest/arms look in it. We like the length. We like the style, etc. An editorial eye isn’t second nature to many women, and even women who are fashion gurus make mistakes.

Back to the quiz. I think the problem was the way the questions were formulated. I’m a huge shoe shopper. Not one choice in any of these questions related to shoes. I’m also a bargain shopper. Again, nowhere was that passion addressed. The quiz was a mere 8 questions long, which I don’t think would give anyone a true sense of style. My friend loves pink and green, yet she came out as a Boho? I love ecclectic, I love edgy, yet here I am a Boho? Huh?

The book is, in my opinion, well worth having. If you’re not sure what your style is, skip the quiz and just experiment. Try the button-down shirt with the pencil skirt one day, then go for the high heels and skinny jeans the next. Make mistakes. Enjoy learning your style through trying on different things (and different sizes – don’t think all clothes must fit the same person the same way). Look in the mirror with a more critical eye. If it’s not exactly perfect on you, no matter how cute it is on other parts of you or how much you love the color, skip it. It’s not a bargain if it doesn’t fit you well.


August 8, 2008. books.


  1. Elaine B. replied:

    I struggle with this one! I have way too many styles to stick with one. Okay time to buy the book!

  2. loridw replied:

    Elaine, I think we’re whatever style strikes us for that day, don’t you think? Today I’m in a t-shirt and shorts. Yesterday I was wearing a peasant top and skirt. Day before? Grecian top and skinny jeans. It’s whatever mood strikes, and I think that’s perfectly okay as long as we’re having fun. :))

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