Patience, Patience…

For months I’ve been coveting a particular kimono dress by BCBG. This one, to be exact:


The problem was the price and the availability. When I could find it on eBay, someone always outbid me. Or worse, I just couldn’t justify the price – which averaged $65 with shipping. That’s a bit of cash for a dress that may or may not look good on. And what size? Medium? Large? Which is the better fit? Will it fit? How will it look on me?

I saw it today in Marshall’s. (Marshall’s is a version of TJMaxx. If you don’t have a TJMaxx near you, move. These are some of the best places to save some serious cash on designer clothes.) As I was heading to the dressing room for the last time, I passed the sale rack. There it was. At first I thought, “No, can’t be.” But I’ve been pining over that thing for so long, there was no mistaking it. I grabbed it and crossed my fingers.

I slipped it over my head and prayed. My gawd. It fit and it looked amazing. At that point I didn’t care what the price was, for I’d found it and it looked so much better than I’d ever expected. Ladies, it’s stunning. The attached tie belt accentuates the waist perfectly. The satin finish is divine to the touch, and damn, the length of it makes the legs look miles long.

So what did I pay? Are you sitting down? It was on the sale rack for… $15. Yes, I spent as much for the dress as I would have on shipping the dress had I caved and bought it on eBay. Sometimes patience pays off.

Have you ever waited for that coveted item? Did you get it? Was it what you expected?


July 22, 2008. bargains, clothes.


  1. Diva In Training replied:

    I am writing about the dress..not eBay stuff. I can understand how you feel about the dress. I saw a kimono dress in a store in the mall and wanted one sooooooooooo bad I almost cried.

    They did not carry my size..since those girls are so tiny and they said they would have to special order me one in…I am a size 7 in the US which is a medium but apparently that is an XL in Singapore or wherever the dress was made.

    Oh I was so mad.

    I did not get it because the special order price jacked the cost up way too much for me to justify it.

  2. loridw replied:

    Oh Diva, that’s horrible! Why can’t they simply make clothing sized for the market they’re trying to sell to? Ridiculous.

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