Range of Emotion

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to be tooling around eBay looking for handbags at the very same time Jenae Michelle was selling a few of her designs. I scored a gorgeous-yet-tough-as-nails doctor bag, made of army-green canvas material and inset with a pink-and-white linen print culled from vintage placemats. I’d say the bag was indestructible, but I managed to damage it (I’m very tough on my handbags), though it took me much longer to do so than usual. But I was enamored with this bag and frankly, no bag since that one has measured up. Its sensible opening (those doctor-bag hinges are like shark’s jaws!) and small size made it the perfect bag. I liked it so much I signed on as Jenae’s PR rep for a short time.

I visited her site today and I’m happy to report Jenae is still making incredible bags. Her styles are her own. Her materials are a complete surprise and a welcome one at that. She designs and sews each bag. No skimping on materials or creativity, either. When you have a Range of Emotion bag, you have a one-of-a-kind creation. One of my favorites from her new line is this one, aptly called Zebra Stripe Gun Control. 

You can find Jenae’s designs, or order your own custom-made design, at her Range of Emotion website.


July 21, 2008. cool websites, handbags.

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