Do You Polyvore?

Vicki over at Sole Shebang is both credited and blamed for my latest addiction – Polyvore.

It’s playing dress up without the Barbie. Visitors build sets of clothing and oh, the closet one has to choose from. Basically, it’s the Internet. Images are pulled from every direction of cyberspace and at your disposal. Imagine reaching into a closet with D&G shoes, Chanel bags, Marc Jacobs coats, and Diane von Furstenburg dresses…. it’s virtual heaven! Moreover, they provide handy code for you to pop your latest creation into your blog post…


July 17, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. vicki replied:

    you’re welcome! lol – it is highly addictive!!!

  2. loridw replied:

    Definitely is, vicki! It’s worse than the “Rate My Space” over on HGTV.

  3. vicki replied:


  4. vicki replied:

    still addicted?? I’ve been trying to limit my Poly time lately, I really let my sites and blogs go to heck there for awhile!! LOL I’m torilink on Poly so message me sometime!

  5. Lori replied:

    I’ve seriously limited it, vicki! My addiction was pretty bad. :)) Instead, I’m attempting to transfer the addiction to Facebook. LOL

  6. vicki replied:

    well, I know Yoville can be addictive as well…. lol

    • loridw replied:

      Oh no, not another addiction! LOL Don’t do this to me. Shoes! I’m seriously addicted to shoes, and I refuse to go thru shoe-hab! LOL

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