The Shoe as Art

Even before Prada walked this wildly different shoe down the runway, things were changing in footwear. Designers were beginning to see shoes not just as complements to the wardrobe, but as focal points. In the last few seasons, shoes have morphed into works of art. Designers have finally, gloriously, turned their attention to the shoe. The last few seasons have shown just how creative shoes can be.

Mind you, not all art forms are for everyone. I’d be hard-pressed to wear the previous Prada shoe, but I’d have no qualms about strapping this gorgeous suede number on –

Oh, to have $800 or more to drop on one pair of shoes! Still, we can have style at any price point. A quick look at DSW’s website revealed some artistic styles at very affordable prices:

Chinese Laundry Tootsy
Chinese Laundry Tootsy
Cindy Jaime

Cindy Jaime

Dollhouse Dega

Dollhouse Dega


Chinese Laundry’s Tootsy is a cool $49.95.
Cindy Jaime is priced at $69.95.
Dollhouse’s Dega is $54.95

July 11, 2008. shoes.

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