Patience, Patience…

For months I’ve been coveting a particular kimono dress by BCBG. This one, to be exact:


The problem was the price and the availability. When I could find it on eBay, someone always outbid me. Or worse, I just couldn’t justify the price – which averaged $65 with shipping. That’s a bit of cash for a dress that may or may not look good on. And what size? Medium? Large? Which is the better fit? Will it fit? How will it look on me?

I saw it today in Marshall’s. (Marshall’s is a version of TJMaxx. If you don’t have a TJMaxx near you, move. These are some of the best places to save some serious cash on designer clothes.) As I was heading to the dressing room for the last time, I passed the sale rack. There it was. At first I thought, “No, can’t be.” But I’ve been pining over that thing for so long, there was no mistaking it. I grabbed it and crossed my fingers.

I slipped it over my head and prayed. My gawd. It fit and it looked amazing. At that point I didn’t care what the price was, for I’d found it and it looked so much better than I’d ever expected. Ladies, it’s stunning. The attached tie belt accentuates the waist perfectly. The satin finish is divine to the touch, and damn, the length of it makes the legs look miles long.

So what did I pay? Are you sitting down? It was on the sale rack for… $15. Yes, I spent as much for the dress as I would have on shipping the dress had I caved and bought it on eBay. Sometimes patience pays off.

Have you ever waited for that coveted item? Did you get it? Was it what you expected?


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Range of Emotion

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to be tooling around eBay looking for handbags at the very same time Jenae Michelle was selling a few of her designs. I scored a gorgeous-yet-tough-as-nails doctor bag, made of army-green canvas material and inset with a pink-and-white linen print culled from vintage placemats. I’d say the bag was indestructible, but I managed to damage it (I’m very tough on my handbags), though it took me much longer to do so than usual. But I was enamored with this bag and frankly, no bag since that one has measured up. Its sensible opening (those doctor-bag hinges are like shark’s jaws!) and small size made it the perfect bag. I liked it so much I signed on as Jenae’s PR rep for a short time.

I visited her site today and I’m happy to report Jenae is still making incredible bags. Her styles are her own. Her materials are a complete surprise and a welcome one at that. She designs and sews each bag. No skimping on materials or creativity, either. When you have a Range of Emotion bag, you have a one-of-a-kind creation. One of my favorites from her new line is this one, aptly called Zebra Stripe Gun Control. 

You can find Jenae’s designs, or order your own custom-made design, at her Range of Emotion website.

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The Bargain Togs

One of my favorite things to do is to take a high-end designer outfit and recreate with in bargain-priced clothing. On last week’s My Beauty and Fashion blog, site owner Diva in Training allowed me to walk her readers through the process. Oddly, it’s much more difficult to piece together an outfit online than in the stores, but I managed.

If you have Firefox browser, you should be able to see it. My IE was having difficulty reading the images. Please give Diva some blog love!

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Do You Polyvore?

Vicki over at Sole Shebang is both credited and blamed for my latest addiction – Polyvore.

It’s playing dress up without the Barbie. Visitors build sets of clothing and oh, the closet one has to choose from. Basically, it’s the Internet. Images are pulled from every direction of cyberspace and at your disposal. Imagine reaching into a closet with D&G shoes, Chanel bags, Marc Jacobs coats, and Diane von Furstenburg dresses…. it’s virtual heaven! Moreover, they provide handy code for you to pop your latest creation into your blog post…

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The Shoe as Art

Even before Prada walked this wildly different shoe down the runway, things were changing in footwear. Designers were beginning to see shoes not just as complements to the wardrobe, but as focal points. In the last few seasons, shoes have morphed into works of art. Designers have finally, gloriously, turned their attention to the shoe. The last few seasons have shown just how creative shoes can be.

Mind you, not all art forms are for everyone. I’d be hard-pressed to wear the previous Prada shoe, but I’d have no qualms about strapping this gorgeous suede number on –

Oh, to have $800 or more to drop on one pair of shoes! Still, we can have style at any price point. A quick look at DSW’s website revealed some artistic styles at very affordable prices:

Chinese Laundry Tootsy
Chinese Laundry Tootsy
Cindy Jaime

Cindy Jaime

Dollhouse Dega

Dollhouse Dega


Chinese Laundry’s Tootsy is a cool $49.95.
Cindy Jaime is priced at $69.95.
Dollhouse’s Dega is $54.95

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Beston Announces New Lineup

Known for fantastic styles and affordable prices, Beston has come out with their Da Viccino (PU) line. Find your favorite – for me, it’s this one. An incredible $29.99!

Even their leather line is amazing. Here’s a personal favorite – Lavish.

I’ve been a Beston fan for a while now. I’m a huge fan of comfort, style, and great price. This one hits all three criteria.

Do you have any favorites?

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