Oddness on the Edge of Town

My husband and I were out on Friday in our town looking for dessert. He had just bought me a gorgeous little Lily cotton dress for my birthday, so I had it on, and I was wearing my Naturalizer Prissy black heels. Nothing too ornate – no jewelry. We passed two women, neither of which I noticed particularly but I smiled because hey, that’s how I was raised. About five paces later, I hear one of the women shouting, “When I grow up I want to look JUST LIKE YOU!” in a condescending tone. Uh, excuse me?

Did I say anything to you? No. Did I sneer at you? Not unless you think a polite smile is a sneer. I was minding my own business – couldn’t you do the same? Why did this woman yell at me? Who knows? But if I were wearing shorts and a tank top, would she have noticed or felt the need to say anything? It was pretty obvious her comments had everything to do with how I was dressed.

I don’t get it. I don’t judge others on what they wear, nor would I EVER say anything that rude to someone, let alone shout it on the street. Live and let live, people. Just because I’m a shopaholic doesn’t mean I think the rest of the female population has to be. But this woman, this nasty, rude woman, found me threatening because of a nice birthday dress. To that, I say F*** you.

I’m sorry. I can’t be nice to someone making a snap judgment about me, and being so freakin’ rude about it. She has no idea I meditate, I house meditation monks on occasion, I donate cash to a poor school in Haiti, I teach a foreigner English on a volunteer basis, I’m a vegetarian and dammit, I’m nice. So what if I clean up well on occasion?

It’s the curse of female. We judge. We judge others on appearance no matter how they look. T-shirt and a pair of jeans? We think “She can’t even clean herself up.” Beautiful designer dress and nice makeup? We think “Who’s she trying to impress?”

Where the hell is our sisterhood, ladies? Why can’t we cheer each other on instead of holding each other to impossible standards? I can shop at Target, but the second I breathe the air inside Lord & Taylor, I’m no longer a good person? What the hell? I don’t put on airs – I don’t even know why I would want to. And if I did, what the hell is that to the rest of the world?

I’m asking this of you – today, one time or as many times as you can remember to, cheer another sister on. If you see a woman looking totally put together, tell her so. If you like someone’s shoes, say it out loud! If your friend marches in with a brand new Chanel purse slung over one shoulder, coo and show the appreciation you’d hope for if it were you carrying it. If you notice a woman doing something particularly well today, express your admiration. It’s time we as a gender start encouraging each other. We have enough to deal with already – demands of a job, of motherhood, of relationships. Let’s become each other’s support system, even on a small level.


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Swing Jacket with A Kick

Even though it’s summer, I’m thinking ahead to cooler weather. It’s what I do when I’m stewing in my own juices – it hit 100 degrees here today. I found this really cool swing coat at Forever 21, and I have visions of at least four of my tops going with this. Can you imagine it with a black chiffon top and skinny jeans with maybe those Naught Monkey heels? It was a mere $24.80. I’m not one for the stores that the teens go to, but if you look carefully, you can find a real gem.

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Can You Really Have Too Many Shoes?

I’m up to 32 pairs now. Seriously. It’s more than just a little fling – it’s a full-blown addiction. I’ve landed these from Naughty Monkey –

 and these from L.E.I.  –   

 and these from Tahari.  That’s just this week.

All of these are eBay finds, all of them under 30 bucks, and I’m bidding on this pair that, with luck, I’ll score in about 2 hours and 39 minutes.  

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Love/Hate with the Outlets

We just had a new outlet mall open nearby. Correction – a new “premium” outlet mall. Let me explain the difference between the premium outlet and the average run-of-the-mill outlet: price. Sure, there are high-end designer stores occupying this outlet – Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, Prada, BCBG, etc. – but there are also higher-than-mall prices here. Case in point: the Michael Kors jacket I bought at TJ Maxx can be had at the outlet store for, get this, $50 more than I spent on it. No thanks.

Still, I love outlets because you can find things you wanted but missed in the stores. For instance, I picked up this straw handbag – a total spur-of-the-moment buy – at the Guess outlet store.

I paid too much. It was $50. On eBay, similar ones are going for $30. However, I got the color I wanted, which is a rosy pink, and it was the last rosy pink one in the store. I literally grabbed it off the mannequin.

In general, I look elsewhere for bargains. Outlets have not proven to me yet that they can save me money. But I’ll still look, hoping…


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Bargains in the Preppy Stores

Now’s the time to start your search. Typically, summer sales begin a bit later around here, but there are always clearances. You’d be surprised where you’ll find them, too. Case in point – I took my daughter to American Eagle Outfitters and found two tops for myself. This one fits within all the rules I try to follow – it has an a-line shape to it, which hides any imperfections, and the color is great. And it cost $19.95 on sale.

Normally I steer away from the preppy stores as they cater to a much younger crowd, but a discerning eye can locate some very appropriate, very nice things.

What are some of your finds?

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