eBay and Authenticity

You should know this about me right here and now – I’m a eBay shopper. I’ve scored, according to my rating, over 101 items to date, most of them shoes and tops. If you’re into labels, you’ll find them at greatly reduced prices on eBay. A sample – a satin BCBG kimono dress goes for $49 plus shipping. These are said to be authentic, so that’s quite a reduction from the typical $200 BCBG price tag.

What’s disturbing is when the items aren’t authentic, but are advertised and presented as authentic. eBay has been the target of a class-action suit by one manufacturer for not putting a stop to the peddling of counterfeit products. eBay does have controls in place, but with the sheer magnitude of new items being posted daily, it’s a daunting task to police the site’s listings.

If you’re shopping on eBay, read first the tutorials and forums to help spot phony goods. I’ve had some serious questions about a few of my Versace dresses – the material is the same quality as my store-bought Versace, but there’s no certificate of authentication, nor any of the other controls Versace has in place. The problem, from my perspective, is first-time buyers aren’t aware of the things they should be looking for.



May 14, 2008. clothes, eBay.

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