Fashion for the Rest of Us

I’ll admit it – I’m a closet fashionista (pun intended). I subscribe to Bazaar and Lucky and at one time, even Vogue. I love clothes. But I don’t have a Bazaar, Vogue or Lucky budget. I’ve never spent more than $50 on shoes. I’ve never paid $100 for any item beyond my wedding dress (which was Versace, by the way – a girl’s gotta know when to splurge!). And yet I have designer clothes up the wazzoo.

 See, I’m a bargain shopper. I’m the woman who bypasses the expensive racks in Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor and heads straight for the sale racks. I’m a frequent shopper at TJMaxx, despite having my CC number stolen there last year (luckily, it wasn’t used by anyone other than me, which was bad enough). I live for eBay shoes. I will dig to the bottom of any sale bin without shame. I get enough compliments on my wardrobe to spur me deeper into the bargain bins.

That’s what this blog is about – looking fantastic on a bargain.  I will share with you my bargain finds, and the can’t-pass-up items. Let’s talk shoes. While we’re at it, let’s talk makeup and jeans and jackets and jewelry. If you put it on you or use it to look fabulous, it’s fair game!


October 26, 2007. bargains, clothes.

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