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If you’ve not found the Give Simple website yet, you’re seriously missing out. One of their best-selling items is this tote, which is large enough to act as a suitcase for weekends or longer. I bought one thinking it was handbag size. No way! But I quickly fell in love with it. It’s a vinyl bag with a strong zippered top and a sturdy bottom and handles.


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Shoes! Lots of Shoes!

Can you get great shoes for under $50? Dang skippy you can! Here are a few I just scored recently on eBay:

Anne Klein peep-toe pumps

Anne Klein tweed peep-toes

The heel’s waaaay up there, but who can resist a shoe for $29?

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The Search for the Handbag

I had a good summer. There were plenty of handbags to choose from, and I alternated between hobos and satchels.

Then came fall. Thanks to the largest mall on the east coast being next door, I thought I’d have an easy time of it. HA! After two hours, I was ready to give up. I wanted a unique bag – not something you’d see anyone else carrying. It didn’t have to be a particular size, but it had to be different.

 Thank God for Baker’s Shoes! I walked in on a whim, figuring I’ll juimg_0365.jpgst buy shoes instead. There on the shelf was any number of great choices! I chose this one – and it cost me a whopping $31 with tax. It’s bigger than I usually carry, but on a recent vacation, I was able to pack a ton of electronics power cords and even a book for the flight.

Whaddya think?

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Fashion for the Rest of Us

I’ll admit it – I’m a closet fashionista (pun intended). I subscribe to Bazaar and Lucky and at one time, even Vogue. I love clothes. But I don’t have a Bazaar, Vogue or Lucky budget. I’ve never spent more than $50 on shoes. I’ve never paid $100 for any item beyond my wedding dress (which was Versace, by the way – a girl’s gotta know when to splurge!). And yet I have designer clothes up the wazzoo.

 See, I’m a bargain shopper. I’m the woman who bypasses the expensive racks in Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor and heads straight for the sale racks. I’m a frequent shopper at TJMaxx, despite having my CC number stolen there last year (luckily, it wasn’t used by anyone other than me, which was bad enough). I live for eBay shoes. I will dig to the bottom of any sale bin without shame. I get enough compliments on my wardrobe to spur me deeper into the bargain bins.

That’s what this blog is about – looking fantastic on a bargain.  I will share with you my bargain finds, and the can’t-pass-up items. Let’s talk shoes. While we’re at it, let’s talk makeup and jeans and jackets and jewelry. If you put it on you or use it to look fabulous, it’s fair game!

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